BusIness overview

Utilis Company Limited specializes in importing and installing
water pumps with electric motors, water turbines, generators,
as well as electric control cabinets and equipment. Our organization
is under the supervision and management of a new generation of
executives who possess specific expertise. We are supported by
a team of experts who are dedicated to providing comprehensive
advice throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless
one-stop service experience.

At “Utilis,” we strive to ensure that every project we undertake adheres
to international quality standards. To achieve this, we have invested
in our capabilities across all areas and obtained the ISO 9001:2015
certification for quality management standards. This certification
reflects our commitment to delivering work that meets
the highest quality requirements.

Vision Mission and VALUE

Utilis Co., Ltd. strives to be a leading force in the water management industry in Thailand.

while simultaneously promoting sustainable development across economic, social, and quality of life sectors.


Our goal is to establish Thailand
as a benchmark for efficient
water and energy management, benefiting the entire Thai population.


We are a dedicated team that values customer satisfaction, continually improving our work processes, products, and services.


Our team members continuously improve, take ownership, and receive fair rewards within the organization.

Why Choose Us

Quality products with comprehensive services

Utilis Co., Ltd. establishes investment stability to instill customer confidence. We achieve this by collaborating with global business partners and providing services that cover all regions of Thailand.

In addition to product distribution, we excel at providing efficient customer advice. With over 10 years of experience, we deeply understand our customers’ challenges and requirements. We offer tailored guidance on system placement that provides value, reduces deployment costs, and ensures adherence to form and standards.

Global business partners

Utilis is trusted by numerous business partners for importing and selling products, enabling us to carefully select
the appropriate products based on project size. We excel at fulfilling various customer requirements completely and on time.